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Just a little lesson from life today. Saw a lady trying to pull out in traffic as I was waiting at a signal. She was hoping the guy in front of me would let her in, but he didn’t. I was waving her to go in front of me but she had gotten so frustrated at the guy she didn’t see another opportunity. Isn’t that sort of like what happens to us often? We are hoping so hard for something to happen the way we think it should and then get so frustrated that it doesn’t, that we miss other opportunities right in front of our eyes. My little saying for the day; “Don’t get so upset about what didn’t happen, look for the unexpected opportunities.”



Celebration of an Old Year Giving Birth to a New Year

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
Quotes from Einstein.

My thoughts on these quotes.  Imagination is a place where dreams begin, with dreams our lives can be changed.  A dream is the beginning of a new journey, the beginning of a new reality.  If you don’t dream it will never come true.  The give your dreams to God and He will guide you in your plans.

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established.

Let’s let God begin to give us a new hope in what the future will hold.

Landscape Goals

Setting goals in life

I know it’s been said before, but it always helps me to remember that if we don’t plan our destination we will never get there.  I personally am often challenged by see so many things that are possible I have a hard time focusing on one thing specifically.  I am going to work harder than ever to begin to focus on fewer destinations so that I actually accomplish those goals.


How to Overcome in 3 Areas of Our Life

Just recently we got an email from one of founders of TamPogo Chuck Stebbins.  He has been very successful in many businesses in his life one of which was in founding MySpace.  He has also been very successful in other areas of marketing online.  But most of all he cares about each one of us as individuals.  He is also a great communicator.  I wanted to share a portion of the email as it will apply to other areas of your life and in any business you might undertake.

“And there, team, is the ultimate philosophy for success.  When playing we can never win at everything.  But if you don’t play, you can’t win at anything.

If you get a hit 3 out of 10 times in baseball you go to the Hall of Fame.  If you throw twice as many completions as incomplete passes you are the greatest quarterback in the history of football.  If you pick 4 out of 10 races in horseracing you win the World Series of Handicapping, win 1 of 5 golf tournaments and you are a legend, play out 1 hand in 6 that you are dealt correctly and you win the World Series of Poker.

The same is true of business.  No one can expect to win at everything all of the time.  Sometimes you work hard and drill some dry wells and other times less effort can lead to huge gushers of success.  Don’t get the mistaken idea that success is random.  That isn’t what I am saying.  I am saying that you can’t win if you don’t get into the game.  Now here is the important part.  I can predict within a ½ of 1% rate of error if someone is going to be successful in what they are doing.  It all comes down to the success equation that I have mentioned in earlier e-mails:

Success (performance) = competency x motivation x organizational support.

Do you know why I was so sure on Day 1 that TamPogo would succeed in its first year?  That it would eventually grow to one of the largest web companies in existence?  That over a million people would come to TamPogo in the first three years?

Because I had the competency to create and manage the TamPogo model.  I had the tireless motivation to see it through.  And I had a great team here to lend fabulous organizational support. Knowing I was getting involved in a winning effort and knowing how big it was going to be was (and is) incredibly exciting.

The equation above is the EXACT reason that you probably have not been successful in network marketing in the past.  It had nothing to do with your competency, or motivation – it was the organization support factor.  10 (competency) x 10 (motivation) x 0 (organizational support) = 0.  It’s just math.  Most every network company has been built to behave like a pirate ship.  Sail in, steal the money and sail out.

TamPogo is obviously different.  If you are involved in starting your own business at TamPogo, you should share the same incredible excitement that I have.  Seriously, you are in the right place at the absolute right time.  Every single person reading this email can succeed at a level they always wanted to believe they were capable of, yet never knew how to reach.  Using TamPogo – if you can conceive it, you can achieve it!
Although I truly believe that everyone can become highly successful, let me take a moment to review the limits to your success.

1.  Not having a good imagination.  Remember, you need to conceive it before you achieve it.  Dreams are important motivators.  Write down your goals.  The simple short term ones and the wild long term dreams; then understand that both of them are equally possible.

2.  Not being persistent.  Many of us think we are great multi-taskers; we are not.  Many of us think we can juggle multiple things well; we cannot.  In order to achieve success at any level you must have focus and persistence.

3.  Being affected by other’s negativity.  The single biggest reason the world is full of “losers” or underachievers today is that individuals have let family members, bosses, banks, corporate America, the media, etc. all tell them “you can’t.”  Accepting gloom, doom and negativity from others is no different than a plant accepting sunlight.  If you feed on sun and energy, you flourish…while feeding on gloom and negativity causes a failure to grow.

These three things above are the limits to your success.  If you can overcome these, using TamPogo, you will be very successful.  People believe it takes money to make money.  That isn’t true at all.  It takes opportunity to make money and you need to listen to this from someone who has courted opportunity his whole adult existence:  TamPogo is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Never before in business is so much success possible for so little money by so many people.

If I were coming to TamPogo today, after studying all that I could study, here is how I would approach things.  This isn’t the only path to success; its just the one I know I would take.”

I hope this has helped to get you more motivated.

To Your Success,

Creating Success in You

It is so important that everyone realizes that we are all able to be creative.   We each have areas that we are gifted in.

I have been reading “The Science of Getting Rich”  by Wallace D. Wattles.   He says  “You are to become a creator, not a competitor; you are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it every other man will have more than he has now.”

It is important that we get this mindset that there is enough for everyone out there.  He goes on to talk about those who have gained by competition are not really rich at all.  When we learn to give value to others that we gain from them.  When you think about it we are very happy to help those people out who have given to us without wanting anything in return.  This all starts in our mind.  We need to come to the point where we have the understanding that the world is full of abundance.  Each one of has within himself to be creative, to have something of value.  If we also look at the abundance of resources around us there is a never ending source.

Wattles also writes; “You cannot give every man more in cash market value than you take from him, but you can give him more in use value than the cash value of the thing you take from him. The paper, ink, and other material in this book may not be worth the money you pay for it; but if the ideas suggested by it bring you thousands of dollars, you have not been wronged by those who sold it to you; they have given you a great use value for a small cash value.”

So whatever business you are in, you need to ask yourself if what you are creating is of greater value.

This is why as marketers or home business owners one of the major keys is to begin with yourself.  Take time to learn, build confidence, become someone others look to.  It is then that you will have the value inside of you no matter what you take on in life.  It is also important to surround yourself with others who are succeeding and who are encouraging you.  It is so much easier to go forward and be creative if  people are cheering you on.

Instead of looking at what you market or looking at yourself as a rep for a certain company.  Begin thinking of  yourself as the brand.  Decide what it is that you enjoy and start learning more about that so that you become an expert & it becomes your “Brand”, then it will be yourself that you present and no matter what you are marketing you become attractive to others and they will automatically want to follow you.

Ask Yourself:
What do I enjoy?  (Make a list of everything)
Is there something I already know that I can help others with?
How can I learn more about this?

NOW is the time to get started!!!

Yours in Success & Creativity

Kathi Heern

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